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Vase by Jane Walker

SVOS Talk Art: American Impressionist Painting
with Karen Olsen

Get Ready for Silicon Valley Open Studios

It's time to start planning your tour of the many fine artists who have been selected for this year's Silicon Valley Open Studios.

Start with the preview exhibits.

Each year, during March and April, we present free preview exhibits showcasing many of the artists who are participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios. Here's your chance to get an early peek and begin selecting the ones you want to visit.

Visit the following previews

  • Saratoga Library
  • Mail Street Cafe & Books
  • Sweet Peas Cafe

To see more about the preview exhibits click here.

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Additions and Last Minute Changes

Here are some late addition to Silicon Valley Open Studios or changes that came after the directory was sent to the printer.

Corinne Friedman

Corinne will show on weekends 2 and 3. Click here to see more about Corinne.

Larry Morris

Larry will show on weekend 3 at Site #186. Click here to see more about Larry.

Anica Moss

The directory listings for Anica for weekend one and weekend 3 are incorrect. Click here for the correct information about Anica.

Portrait of an Artist - Kay Duffy

By Jan Looper Smith

Kay brings the sensibility of a person constantly involved with nature to her watercolors. It is a way for her to express the joy of fruit trees blossoming in the springtime, the lively grace of an iris, the subdued mood of the fields and marshes around Moss Landing, or the magic of a rose-hued sunset over Mt. Diablo. Kay calls her style "impressionistic," meaning that instead of being concerned with literal reality, she wants to show how the subject impressed her.

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