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Artist: Sylvie Levesque

Voici la cle dubonheur
Title: Voici la cle dubonheur
Description: Watercolor and collage on Arches
Media: Watercolor
Size: 9 x 11
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Phone:(707) 303-5333

About Sylvie Levesque

Celebrating the colors and emotions of my life as a mom, teacher and artist is what fueled my interest in creating art. My signature “Vie” means life in French, being originally from Quebec.

In 2014, I took the challenge to create one painting a day for the entire year and I accomplished it to the end. As I travel I bring with me my journal to kept the inspiration and feel the moment and when it’s possible I paint directly at the scene. My paintings are based on scenes I have witnessed during my trips in Quebec, France, California and other places.

I like to paint feminine figures as well as buildings and famous sculptures such as Rodin and Venus de Milo. By looking at my paintings you can imagine feminine figure’s soul, her interior beauty and sense her sensual body language, also like to include animals in the décor. I find inspiration in the works of varied artists such as Rodin, Marie Laurencin, and Klimt. This is reflective of my interest in both semi-abstract painting and more figurative work.

Because of my love of soft color and transparency, I focus my recent work with watercolor, and sometime enhanced with collage. I am also an oil and acrylic painter, usually in larger formats.