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Artist: Kathleen Podolsky

Studio: Kathleen Podolsky Photography   Room: 5

Maternal Patience
Title: Maternal Patience
Description: Photography
Media: Photography
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Contact Kathleen Podolsky


Phone:(650) 228-6503

2017  Showings

May 6 - 7 , Site: 1
Peninsula Museum of Art/ Museum Studios

1777 California Drive
Burlingame, CA 94010


About Kathleen Podolsky

The ability to capture the constantly changing light and shadows in nature drew me to photography. The elegance of a well composed black and white photo is exciting to view. However when the computer came along with the ease of processing and recording light and color I decided to go with that presentation. I still was not satisfied with the results and when I saw the three-dimensional photographs for the first time I was thrilled to see moments in time depicted in three- dimensions. This added the quality that intrigues people so much that they want to touch the print to see if is really is three-dimensional.

I enjoy creating three-dimensional images that give the viewer the sense of walking into a scene or being able to pick a piece of fruit out of the frame.

When I re-photograph my three-dimensional images they appear flat. To appreciate them they need to be seen in their original form. They are on display in my studio at 1777 California Drive, Studio #5, Burlingame (Peninsula Museum of Art).