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Artist: Lynne Auld

Studio: Lynne Auld Photography

Petrified Dunes, Arches NP, Utah
Title: Petrified Dunes, Arches NP, Utah
Description: Archival Inkjet Photograph
Media: Photography
Size: 20 x 16
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Phone:(650) 362-0650

About Lynne Auld

I have been photographing ever since I was given a Brownie camera as a child. My father installed a darkroom in our bathroom and taught me the basics of black and white developing and printing - still my first love, though now I also use digital color technology.
Photography has been a constant throughout a life of travel. It has allowed me to record the people and places I've encountered and has provided me with pleasure and employment along the way. I prefer to photograph in the real world rather than in the studio, and to use a minimal amount of equipment to capture images of stopped time. What interest me most are the quiet moments of everyday living, the beauty in the mundane, wherever I happen to be. My work has been exhibited in galleries in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area and is in private collections around the world.