Artist: Andrea Fono

Studio: Fono Art - Flower Gallery and Press   Room: Studio D

Created with Love
Title: Created with Love
Description: Original mono-type painting, blossoms and bliss
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 22 x 30
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Phone: (650) 868-4171

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Andrea Fono

Andrea Fono realizes her artistic and intellectual aspirations through a variety of modes and media, including writing, painting, teaching and philanthropy.

Her work combines the inspiration of spiritual discovery with a reverence for the natural world. Her paintings, mono-prints and drawings are visual meditations that remind us of our connection to the larger world around us and, ultimately, the infinity of the cosmos. They explore moments of tranquility and transition in the landscape and invite the viewer to connect emotionally with a place and time they may not have visited.

Her joie de vie is denoted in her laughter and projects too.
In 2008 she founded Global Coloring: Painting for Peace in which more then 3400 people from around Europe, Africa, and Ecuador have participated in a community art celebration. Fono and her husband have co-founded the “Fiji Reads Project”, contributing art supplies and children’s books to schools in Fiji. Her passion is mentoring artist’s hearts and she herself gleefully promises that “a day of studying painting with me will be one of the top ten days of your life!” A television segment she produced on inspiration was nominated for an Emmy Award.