Artist: Bonny Novesky

Flower Power
Title: Flower Power
Description: Acrylic collage
Media: Painting
Size: 48 x 54
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Phone: (650) 851-3325

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Bonny Novesky

I love working with color and almost all my prints involve colors freely interacting with one another. I am drawn to the colors of nature and most especially the water colors of blues, greens and turquoise. I have always lived near large bodies of water, in my youth close to the rivers and Great Lakes of the Midwest. Now I live on the West Coast not far from the ocean.
I have been a designer of Asian inspired jewelry for 30 years, using semi-precious beads. The colors of the beads I love have influenced the color choices that I use in my prints.
I work with heavy, very wet Arches or Rives paper and Golden Acrylic paints creating a single contact print. Many times I will overprint two or even three times. I try not to be too controlling but let the paint make it’s own statement. The result is a textured and layered finished piece.