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Artist: Donna Orme

Studio: Donna Orme Art

Spinners. 1
Title: Spinners. 1
Description: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Thread
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 30 x 22
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Phone: (408) 249-7746

About Donna Orme

I allow obscure thoughts and feelings to emerge into forms and colors which are then expressed in art pieces. My world revolves around creating mixed media and printmaking (monotype, monoprint, collagraph, lithography and etching) artworks. The color combinations can be primary, secondary, bright or muted. For the acrylic monotypes, pigment is applied directly to multiple clearbag plates. The oil-based monoprints, monotypes and etchings are produced on aluminum plates submerged in a copper sulfate solution. Acrylic gels/mediums and textural materials are glued to plastic plates to make collagraphs. The acrylic monotype layers of paint can be viewed from the back side of the clearbag plate to see the development of the image. I visualize what will show as the first layer versus the additional layers when the monotype is pulled from the plate. The oil-based monoprints, monotypes and etchings are pulled from the aluminum plates. Printmaking images appear in reverse on the plates.

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I studied printmaking at the College of San Mateo, CA and at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, CA. I have won many national, state and local awards, am a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and my work was selected by VISA for the 2007 Wall Calendar. My work appears in the American Art Collector, Book 1, Volumes 2 and 3 – Western States (2005/06). I am a member of abstract7 (a group of seven contemporary artists), belonged to California Society of Printmakers, was past president of Allied Artists West, was newsletter editor for the Santa Clara Art Association and actively volunteer at the Los Gatos Museums Gallery where my work is currently on view. I support the community by giving demonstrations to groups in the techniques of collagraph and acrylic monotypes. I am also available for private workshops in my studio in Santa Clara, CA.

My work is collected nationally and internationally. I have exhibited my work in California at the Performing Arts Center, Mountain View; Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton; Pacific Grove Art Center; Intel, Santa Clara; the Foster City Art Gallery; Advanced Micro Devices, Sunnyvale; the Pacific Art League, Elizabeth Norton Studio, Palo Alto as well as national exhibitions with the National Collage Society, Ohio; Ottawa Ecole School D’Art of Art, Canada; The Cultural Arts Council of Douglasville/Douglas County, Georgia; Northwest Cultural Council, Illinois; Cambridge ART 10th Annual National Prize Show, Massachusetts; 19th Parkside National Small Print Exhibition, Wisconsin; Visual Arts Society of Texas; Art Center of Estes Park, Colorado and Mesa Contemporary Arts, Arizona.