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Artist: Gianfranco Paolozzi

Journal - August 2015 ->September 2016
Title: Journal - August 2015 ->September 2016
Description: Various paints on wood
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 13 x 22 x 5
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Phone: (408) 393-8014

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 217
The Citadel

199 Martha Street
San Jose, CA 95148

May 11 - 12 , Site: 217
The Citadel

199 Martha Street
San Jose, CA 95148

May 18 - 19 , Site: 217
The Citadel

199 Martha Street
San Jose, CA 95148


About Gianfranco Paolozzi

About ART
".....i am sure art is life with notes from an accordion and four scoops of icecream with espresso on top....."

Art is life and only life

Chance and Subject being important.
Medium, Color, Light, Surface, Composition, Design, and everythingelse will follow.

Marking on surfaces moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year...just like a journal.

I was looking in the recycle container full of paper from flexo printing presses.
That's when I felt the passion again: round surfaces screaming to be used.
I looked at them changing on the floor of my studio.
I had to use my marks, my moments on the surfaces as a sign of me being there.
That's when the roundels were born.

About "In The Box"
After dropping the rigatoni in the boiling water, preparing dinner that night, i continued to check the box the pasta came in. A well designed container. I opened it all flat, interesting cuts, good design layout . . . and the inside where the pasta was . . . ready to be used. Looking that empty now open-inside flat paper color, images of friends went fast in front of my eyes. The collection of their photographed faces on that empty space was the answer and the cutting around the shape of the box and the inside and all the other extra cuts the box has, trimming the photos, was the final step before the "In The Box" series came alive. The new surface, a recycled surface, for the collagements, my collage of photographed moments.

Moment by moment on what i have in front of my eyes. Not thinking on time between the clicks. When i start to see the feet of that woman and the first click goes and i move up to the legs and one hand is there and the second click goes and i move up on the body and the same hand moves there and the click goes...well...well done and i continue to go up and stop on the face and the click goes when a bird in the back passes by and the same hand moves to her lips...well...very well done.