Artist: Kathleen Podolsky

Studio: Kathleen Podolsky Photography   Room: 5

I've Got My Eye on You
Title: I've Got My Eye on You
Description: Photography
Media: Photography
Size: 12 x 14
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Phone: (650) 228-6503

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Kathleen Podolsky

Making 3-dimensional photographs, called paper decoupage, gives my images a new perspective and sculptural quality. The center of interest of the image is emphasized when the forms are cut out and mounted one on top of the other in layers. The depth between the foreground and background of the image is emphasized increasing awareness of perspective in the print.

Working with 2-dimensional black and white photography gave me a solid background in composition.

After 4 years of college majoring in art education, I decided I would rather not teach but rather create art work of my own. Photography was most appealing to me.

Using the computer to make and print my photographs has made it possible to be as creative as a painter in that removing objects or just moving them around is now possible. I’ve tried many applications in doing my work and followed various methods of printing and mounting my images trying to create a unique product. At this time I’m making 3-dimensional photographs. Taking the old decoupage method of cutting up several copies of a print and stacking them on top of each other. The difference in mine is that the pieces of the picture are separated to create layers to obtain the perspective desired. This way flowers and animals reach out to the viewer.