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Artist: Rachel Tirosh

Studio: Mixsome Art

In the Garden
Title: In the Garden
Description: Mixed Media ,Acrylic on Panel
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 16 x 20
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Phone: (408) 896-2346

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 42
540 Ringwood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025


About Rachel Tirosh

Rachel's mixed-media abstract, non-representational work is defined by its rich texture and the use of a simple color scheme. With pigment, water and glue she accentuates the texture on the canvas. Her specialty is using everyday materials and transforming them into 3D textures on the canvas. The results are abstract, non-representational, mixed-media art.

Rachel is a self-taught artist. After working in the high-tech industry as an electronics design engineer, she took classes and experimented with a variety of art media and materials. Additionally, with polymer clay, Rachel creates colorful and whimsical functional art for the home.
"As an electrical engineer I have spent a lot of time learning and following specific rules of electronic systems design. The only criteria for success are meeting the specifications on time. With art, I have found the freedom to create anything without binding rules. There is no right or wrong in art. My art stems from my desire for free expression and fun. I take my inspiration from things I see all around me."