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Artist: Ewa Gavrielov

Title: untitled
Description: shredded monotype, on BFK Reeves paper, knitted
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 36 x 32 x 1
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Phone: (650) 740-8476

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 391
1900 Webster Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301


About Ewa Gavrielov

My inspiration comes from my interest in giving new meaning to used objects and making the
common and discarded, uncommon and precious. I am also interested in the taking apart and
reconstructing the objects.
I mostly work with materials such as paper, wire, and fiber, and use and mostly RE-use them in a
way that is different than what they were intended for.
Since my basic training was in architecture; dimension and negative space is something I have
borrowed from my design work and given expressive value in my art.
I am fascinated by connections and relationships in knitted, folded or weaved forms and objects,
especially the endless lines and loops, and the relationships between positive and negative space. I
have always thought of my work as improvisation, a matter of responding to what I have just created
with my materials.
Experimenting with different materials inspires me to redefine their use and appearance, especially
that of paper.

As I work, I strive to make a field of possibilities for discovery within each piece.
Making art is a gradual process, elements arising organically out of their interactions with each other, sometimes leaving traces even when they are covered by later additions. My works reflect a creative state of being both attentive and open to the unconscious. They come out of my absorption in the materials and relationships within the work, and they invite the viewer to enter and become absorbed too. Because they are open to the viewer to explore, they seek to create an emotional engagement, without dictating the emotions.