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Artist: Bernadette Escalona-Cooper

Studio: The Alameda Artwork Studios

Floral Glitters
Title: Floral Glitters
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 24 x 36
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Phone: (408) 469-7152

2019  Showings

wheelchair accessible

May 18 - 19 , Site: 186
Alameda Art Works

1068 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126-3183


About Bernadette Escalona-Cooper

For over 4 decades now, I have invested time in exploring the meanings of the past and present works of art thus making me an Eclectic-Art Nouveau Artist. I dwell in the belief that as an Artist, it is essential to reconstruct and suggest alternative narratives. I love to combine details from different periods past and present. I engage myself in floral diversity subjects and metaphors of women using mediums to emphasize contrast. My art narrates a story beyond my canvas that words may not be able to convey. It mirrors my thoughts and feelings of lived experience expressed in my fascination of colors, flowers, nature and textures. My artworks in acrylic and oil paint are fundamental representations of reuniting art in the trend of today’s idioms.

My style is a medley of inspirations derived from Louis Comfort Tiffany, Frida Kahlo, Impressionism and Fauvism periods. Colors breathe life in my conceptual innovation of colorism which have been inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The colors in my canvas paint stories of emotions and experience. It is playful, light, free-spirited and spontaneous yet it brings one to a journey beyond its eclecticism.