Artist: Stephen Toll

Cathedral Lake and Peak
Title: Cathedral Lake and Peak
Description: Photographic print - metal or paper
Media: Photography
Size: various
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Stephen Toll

I grew up on a farm in Connecticut and have always loved the outdoors. As a youth, when I wasn't studying or working on computers, I spent my time hiking, biking, riding, and camping in New England and the Rockies.

I moved to California for graduate school, then worked as a manager and consultant for tech companies. I began to explore the American West, gradually coming to appreciate its often rugged and austere beauty, so different from the East. Since then I have traveled extensively, photographing around the U.S. and the world.

My focus is on nature – seeking to capture and share my love of the world around us. My aim is to immerse you, the viewer, visually and emotionally in this world, creating a feeling of ‘virtual presence’ that is both artistic and natural, enabling the viewer to experience the beauty and wonder of the world’s places and creatures.

I have exhibited at a number of galleries and shows and have received numerous awards in competitions.
Hopefully I can pass along some of my sense of wonder and love of our world to you!

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