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Artist: Colleen Arakaki

Drawing With Thread 2 Detail
Title: Drawing With Thread 2 Detail
Description: Drawing made with sewing machine, thread on shear cloth.
Media: Drawing
Size: 16 x 10
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Phone:(408) 378-7921

About Colleen Arakaki

I love line and it's ability to show emotion. I'm currently working with the concept of Obsessive Activities, a quality my work previous work incorporates. The activity is usually tedious with lots of repetition. Now I am making lines.

Each line starts at one side of the page and ends the other. Each line has its own identity. I started using pen and ink on paper, use my sewing machine to make the lines and create small tapestries like "Drawing With Thread 2" using various fabrics including silk. I'm also using this concept in my printmaking. Embossing plates are combined with an etched plate made from copper wire to create elegant images that are full of motion and depth. "Between" was made with 20 small plates and suggests a cartouche.

I want viewers to let the abstract images trigger memories from their past to help create a dialog with the piece of art.