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Artist: Yori Seeger

Studio: Yori Seeger Studio

Title: Jerome
Description: Cement and Steel
Media: Sculpture
Size: 4 x 7 x 12
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Phone: (831) 239-7449

2019  Showings

May 18 - 19 , Site: 185
1065 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126


About Yori Seeger

Education best describes the meaning and purpose of art as well as a connection to my creative endeavors and process as a sculptor.  The practice of making art is to create a mark, make a decision about that mark and to create another. This mark making is a culmination of study and practice aimed at creating a tangible form of communication. My occupation and purpose as an artist is to share the journey and climax of these marks and decisions with others—to educate. My work is for everyone, and I hope to inspire and teach my audience. Teaching and creating have culminated into a single endeavor. I am an artist while teaching, just as I am while sculpting. The relationship between art and society is a conversation, and art through history is linear narrative. My work as a teacher and sculptor has constant change due to my notion that both these occupations must have steady and continuous goals of furthering their own knowledge and education. In turn, teaching and sculpture can be at the forefront of quality education in our communities. Alongside my sculpture I am co-creating an institute called Visual Philosophy with the goal of establishing an accredited MFA program in Santa Clara County, and to educate our community at large. My sculpture deals primarily with the figure and is often disjointed, fragmented and abstracted.  I speak about current events such as the fallout of Japans’ disaster or Monsanto’s inevitable creation of famine. They heed warning and establish hope. I fold time by forcing age upon the work. Current events I reference become lessons learned and forgotten as we press though time.  The enveloping concept is education.  They reference hope that we remember more than forget. The overwhelming force of responsibility that I feel as an artist, and the drive that forces me to work sixty to eighty hours a week is to speak about our current lack of quality education, especially within art. This curbs my hand and forces destruction within the figurative creations emerging from my studio. I create imagery with pride in our abilities and fear of our decisions.