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Artist: Marina Povalishina

Title: Insomnia
Description: Paper, oil
Media: Painting
Size: 4 x 5
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Phone: (408) 515-1485

About Marina Povalishina

People are the main subject of my work. I don't portray individual features of concrete live models - almost all characters come from my imagination.However, they wouldn't exist without constant observation of people's faces and bodies.
I work mostly with oil and acrylic, but also make graphic and mixed media work. I love giving my pieces a textured surface and a tangible look - experimenting with paper and canvas, challenging their traditional roles as just passive surfaces for images.To obtain such, I can mix raw and painted canvas, tear holes in the canvas, darn damaged spots and add embroidery, make knife scratches on the paper, etc.

My work has been exhibited in shows around the U.S.

I received an Individual Grant from the Belle Foundation, the Scholarship Award from the International Fund "New Names", and awards from Alliance of Visual Artists of the Silicon Valley. I also received several awards from regional, national, and international juried exhibitions as cash prizes and purchases for gallery collections. I received an MFA degree from the Stroganoff Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in Moscow, Russia.