Artist: Rachel Karklin

Harpy II – Late for the Party
Title: Harpy II – Late for the Party
Description: steel, concrete
Media: Sculpture
Size: 34 x 84 x 40
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Rachel Karklin

What inspires me the most, is the world of materials and the process of transforming them into forms and textures. Next comes the adventure of expressing myself through different mediums.
Most of my works are abstract figurative and when they are just abstract they still are about the lives of humans and animals.
I enjoy the thrill of finding the courage of doing something different in every project. I arrive to my art ideas by exposing emotions through stances, revealing trauma with a help of some absurdity, and celebrating beauty through lines and colors.

I am Not participating in SVOP 2020. See you next year!