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Artist: Nava Ben-Yehuda Soto

Title: Twilight
Media: Painting
Size: 30 x 40
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About Nava Ben-Yehuda Soto

Nava currently resides in San Jose, California but she is originally from a small Mediterranean country called Israel.

Nava first exposed to art during her early years of High school. Through the course of her lifetime, she kept the art flame in her heart burning bright. However, every day commitments and responsibilities got in the way of pursuing her art. Finally, years later, she has introduced with a very special art mentor in Sunnyvale. Her own unique approach and patience encouraged Nava to free her mind and reveal her inner artist.

Nava’s art combines oil paintings and clothing design. Her technique involves meditative-like freeing of the mind to fully tap into her emotions, using and incorporating elements found in nature to create beautiful pieces. Her subjects are used in metaphoric ways as shown in her creation.
Nava has recently launched ‘Soto Signature Collection’ of unique Scarves & Women's Top. The collection represents some of Nava’s best artwork from over the years and is very authentic to who she is as an artist. She has found the use of textiles to be the best artistic method to expose her visual dreams to the public.