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Artist: Patti Linder-Dodd

Studio: Muse Artistry

Title: Balance
Description: Matt Onyx on vintage faceted brass chair
Media: Jewelry
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Phone: (408) 568-8499

2019  Showings

wheelchair accessible

May 18 - 19 , Site: 186
Alameda Art Works

1068 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126-3183


About Patti Linder-Dodd

I have always needed to express myself through my art, whether it was writing, dancing, jewelry design or painting, creativity was always something at which I excelled. Although my past work was specializing in murals, my art today has taken me into a more abstract direction whereby combining various medias, I am able to focus on the relationship between texture, color and composition. By applying my developed technique towards a variation of a familiar theme, the everyday concepts are challenged and presented to the viewer on a more interpretive plain. I hope my artwork engages the viewer to explore within my work a new way of viewing traditional concepts.

Bringing my unique take on traditional themes is also something I am moving towards in my jewelry designs. Many of my pieces are inspired by artists of the past. Artists such as Rene Magritte, Dorothea Tanning and Alexander Calder, have inspired me to move into a more sculptural direction. Bold colors combined with the incorporation of various materials, improves the quality within the piece, making each piece unlike another. Many of my pieces are also available through retail.