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Artist: Ross Sheehan


Untitled (Volcano Eye)
Title: Untitled (Volcano Eye)
Description: Oil, steel dust and ash on panel
Media: Painting
Size: 7 x 7.5
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Phone:(775 303-8863

About Ross Sheehan

“My work is about substance. It’s about mixing mediums, experimentation, failure and rebirth. Incorporating different combinations of metal, paint, studio sweepings, paper, fabric, and wood scrap, allows me to produce a steady evolution of abstract objects. My studio is its own microcosm with its own cycle of life—the leftovers, the scraps from one piece of work are composted back into the next, creating a rich soil perfect for re-growth.

Currently, I have been re-working paintings and sculptures from the past, building up heavy impastos and rich textures upon years of sedentary neglect. The consistency and color of my finished pieces draw similarities to alien planet surfaces, as well as baked and frosted cupcakes.

I scour and hunt down materials that exude a feeling of distress, age, and a sense of timelessness. Some may consider my work borderline Outsider Art. However, it is important to me that each piece posses structural integrity, evidence of process, and an awareness of art history and theory that would suggest otherwise.”