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Artist: Shirley Bunger

Studio: Shirley Bunger Art

Wish You Were Here
Title: Wish You Were Here
Description: Vintage paper, Acrylic Paint on Wood
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 24 x 30
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Phone: (408) 839-8939

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 18
Art Bias

1700 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070


About Shirley Bunger

SHIRLEY BUNGER | Artist Statement

As a child, I spent much of my time with my head in a book or lost in a daydream. I loved stories, and longed to be able to tell my own. But when, eventually, I tried to write my own stories, I found myself at a loss. I couldn’t make the words say what I wanted to say. Pictures and drawings and things seemed to convey so much more for me than words on a page.

My work celebrates my fascination with things that tell rich stories – books, magazines, letters, photos, and bits of paper we might find lying on the street, or lingering in the back of a junk drawer—items that once held great meaning, but are now likely to be overlooked or thrown away without a second thought. Using a range of techniques, from collage to sewing to print making, I reconfigure and reconnect these discarded pieces into new stories that give them new life and new meaning.