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Artist: Teresa Beyer

Title: Lillies
Description: Watercolor
Media: Watercolor
Size: 15 x 22
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Phone:650 833 9295

About Teresa Beyer

In ‘96’ Teresa studied commercial art and design in Los Angeles, California where she found a love for painting. Later moving to Ventura, CA. Teresa pursued a successful career in desktop publishing, and provided freelance graphic art services to Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre Company and the Channel Islands Ballet. However, all the time a voice in her head kept saying, “Why don’t you go draw or paint something?” And so she did. That was in 1998.
Inspired by the beautiful coastal community, and from deep-seated emotions and her inner voice, Ms Beyer began studying art and fell in love with watercolor, where a devotion and concentration for the “liquid color” of this translucent media was solidified.

Teresa can be found at The Art Center of Redwood City and San Carlos, Studio #232 where she has a working studio and gallery. Ms Beyer looks forward to establishing herself in the art community as well as gaining local and national recognition.
Teresa is always keeping the brushes wet continuing to explore new mediums, while most of her work is done in watercolor.
Ms. Beyer’s work can be found at