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Artist: Yucali Seki

Zen Garden Series: Remaining Centered
Title: Zen Garden Series: Remaining Centered
Description: Canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 60 x 20
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Phone:(408) 230-5067

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 18
Art Bias

1700 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070


About Yucali Seki

I find ways to visualize and capture the essence of moments in life that are precious to me through the practice of art making. I’m deeply inspired by Nature and by Buddhist teaching, by Japanese and World Literature, by Music, and by the beautiful yet strong and balanced movements of Wushu. Each painting takes me through a journey of its own and helps me to explore, experience (both joy and frustration...much like life itself) and understand what it means to keep going beyond one's expectation or intentions.

The fluidity of calligraphy works well to capture the movements I find in Nature and the energy I feel when I watch and train Wushu (as a martial artist). I also use Japanese writing (Zen words and teaching) as a medium in my work, for their flow-full shapes and the negative spaces to help create multiple spacial depths in my paintings. On my canvas paintings, I build up layers of bold or at times subtle colors on various painting mediums so that viewers will experience the physicality and presence of the painting. I hope to trigger an emotional bond between my art and its viewers.

Yucali’s works are represented by Seager Gray Gallery, Mills Valley ( and A. Space Gallery, Menlo Park (