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Artist: Melissa Dinwiddie

Studio: Living a Creative Life

Title: Yes!
Description: Watercolor ground, Ink, Watercolor on Canvas Panel
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 6 x 6
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About Melissa Dinwiddie

I create colorful, abstract, mixed-media artworks, often incorporating found poetry, calligraphy, or creatures from an imaginary world. Rather than executing a preconceived idea, I approach my art as an improvisational dance, starting with a random mark, and responding to what’s there, following my curiosity until the painting tells me it’s done.

I began working this way in 2011, after fifteen years of making meticulously-designed commissioned artworks left me mired in perfectionist paralysis, hungry get back to creating purely for the joy of it. The image of my 3-year-old nephew playing in a sandbox inspired a metaphor: the Creative Sandbox—a space in which there is no wrong, where the point is to enjoy the process and just have fun. My goal now is to play in the Creative Sandbox daily!

Bio: Melissa Dinwiddie is an artist, speaker, performer, and the author of The Creative Sandbox Way: Your Path to a Full-Color Life. She helps people take the fear out of their creativity and bring back the joy, so they can reclaim their innate entitlement to creative play and unleash their inner artists. A former “non-creative” person and recovering perfectionist, Melissa is now on a mission to change the conversation around creative expression and play, because not only does creating make you feel more alive — it’s how you change the world! Through her work in corporations, schools, universities, and communities both online and off, Melissa helps people act and think more creatively and live more full-color lives. She shares her writings, artwork, and music on her blog, Living A Creative Life, where you can also find her podcast, Live Creative Now!