Studio: SCArt Academy

Title: Beam
Description: Oil and Silver leaf on wood
Media: Painting
Size: 40 x 30
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Phone: (650) 817-5426

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only


My art practice includes both the creation of art, and art education. I am represented by Gallery House in Palo Alto, where I am a member of the Board and the Staffing Coordinator. I am also the Executive Director of SCArt Academy (, a small but amazing art school that teaches the creation of art using all sorts of media, but focuses on my passion, oil painting. Through Gallery House and SCArt Academy, I have coordinated many art exhibits and community outreach events.
I love the beauty and the grittiness of the city. My cityscapes are all about light and motion and energy. Using rollers and knives, scrapers and sponges, I carve out structures and shadows, enhancing the geometry, until the piece reaches a density, a solidity, that feels true.
Perspectives is an interactive experience that includes four original oil paintings and three High Fidelity 3D virtual worlds, displayed on a 55 inch touch screen monitor that allows the viewer to interact, explore, and have an intimate experience with the artwork! Perspectives will be on display at SVOS at Good Shepherd Church.This project was prominently featured in Palo Alto Online, at