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Artist: Richard Erickson

Studio: Desk Depot

Title: Busy
Description: Acrylic Painting
Media: Painting
Size: 41 x 30
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Phone: (650) 969-3100

2019  Showings

wheelchair accessible

May 11 - 12 , Site: 194
89 Pioneer Way
Mountain View, CA 94041


About Richard Erickson

My most recent acrylic paintings are animals or creatures in their habitat or fantasy art to create my own worlds. Now showing currently at Desk Depot and Green Machine Comics.
I have a BA in Art from San Jose State University over 40 years ago, I have worked in furniture stores much of that time. I learned about found object art or recycled art and started using scrap from work and the saw at school. After graduating, I became a high school art teacher. Afterwards back to used furniture repairing, reupholstering and using faux techniques with paint and wood stains. Next, I apprenticed in interior design, space planning productive offices while coordinating colors. I also at this time was painting joining local art clubs. While learning airbrush, I helped do the mural at the Cal Train tunnel in Palo Alto of an underwater scene.
Currently, beyond just repairing furniture I also re design old furniture to fit today’s ergonomic needs. Older furniture is better quality and able to saw, cut down, and reassemble. With a warehouse full of the history of furniture we help creative people come in and design and modify their own unique pieces even for art studios. From there I use spare pieces to make miniature wood carvings or as part of the frames of my painting’s 3D images.
My paintings take you to fantasy worlds. The acrylic colors try to make an imaginary atmosphere that takes you on a journey. My wood carvings and fabrications try to show how real wood can come back to life and live on better than the clone imitation materials currently being manufactured.