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Artist: Rita Lane

Studio: Earth Colors

Single Green Scarf
Title: Single Green Scarf
Media: Fabric/Wearable Art
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Phone: (919) 491-1941

2019  Showings

May 18 - 19 , Site: 210
1287 Settle Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125


About Rita Lane


After I became a Master Gardener, I wanted to find a way to combine my love of plants with my love of fabrics. Then I discovered the world of natural dyeing!

I hand dye silk (raw, charmeuse, and crepe de chine), wool, linen, and cotton scarves using plant materials, many of which grow in my yard and garden or I gather locally. Each scarf is unique and reflects the leaves, bark, fruit or roots of the plant from which the materials come.

Indigo gives my scarves a range of blues and some greens. I use walnut to dye a rich brown; onion skins to get warm yellow; eucalyptus to get orange/yellow; and cuttings from my apple, pomegranate, cherry and olive trees to get yellows and greens. I am always experimenting with new plants and materials!

To get the patterns of the leaves and flowers, I do what is called botanical printing. It is a magical process that lets me take the leaves, stems and flowers of plants such as eucalyptus, Japanese maple, rose, geranium, cherry, blackberry, plum and transfer their “image” onto the scarf.

I am currently showing at Aegis Gallery of Fine Art in Saratoga.