Artist: Ginger Summit

Title: Chickadee
Description: Felt Imagery
Media: Fabric/Wearable Art
Size: 4 x 4
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Phone: (650) 941-0101

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Ginger Summit

A lifeline interest in handcrafts and textile arts has been a constant theme in my life. After retiring from a career in Special Education, I expanded this passion to include felting. Learning from diverse cultures and artists around the world, I have been exposed to the diversity and endless possibilities of this ancient technique.

The process begins with a raw fleece, which is gently washed to remove excess lanolin and foreign materials. Once dry, it is carded and then dyed to provide the basic materials needed to create felted artwork, including clothing, home decor and art pieces. My felt work has been exhibited in shows around the country as well as in local galleries. The challenge of b ringing old traditions to life using simple techniques is both enriching and satisfying. Always a teacher, I enjoy sharing this passion with others, both young and old.