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Artist: Leanne Hamilton

Flying Home
Title: Flying Home
Description: Oil on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 30 x 30
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Phone:669 350-6222

About Leanne Hamilton

I am driven to paint, by the need to express states of mind I can share no other way. I work with the landscape, and often the sky-scape, as it is the storyboard upon which I visualize my ideas playing out. I am drawn to painting birds, floating leaves, balloons, and butterflies on my landscapes and sky-scapes, possibly because they can fly free without limits, they convey so much of what is positive, or because they can easily represent aspects of spirit floating above the landscape.

Through my own life journey and my meditations, I am personally always seeking to grow, evolve and change so many of the themes I paint represent my experiences with that: letting go, new beginnings, relocating, healing journeys, hope, and home. Meditation and the quietness of my own mind is my inspiration and then I find, and take my own, reference material to support my idea and build it up. It is never static but a slowly shifting idea of what I wish to create that evolves over days and weeks of thought, preparations and work. Each painting is a surprising journey, a process, with the idea unfolding little by little. It is never formulaic or technique driven. I am always surprised at where I end up. The excitement of this constant creative unfolding keeps me engaged in the artistic process and it is why I continue to paint.

I feel the energy of a painting - the energy it was created in, stays with the painting. A positive, hopeful and beautiful image brings light and positive energy into a room. I wish to share my hopeful world view and experiences, with others, to bring a sense of freedom and peace to their everyday lives.

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