Artist: Nadia Khater


Title: Soulmate
Description: Acrylic on stretched canvas
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 30 x 40 x 1
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Phone: (818) 636-2613

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Nadia Khater

I’m a mixed media artist, a founder and Creative Director of a creative direction/ advertising agency and a Marketing Director for a local non-profit organization. I am based in the San Francisco Bay area, and I hold an MFA in Advertising - Art Direction from Academy of Art University. I’m also a mom to three energetic kids that keep me on my toes and inspire my creativity. Aside from my busy lifestyle, I enjoy working out and volunteering for different art programs.

My devotion to technology led me to get my Bachelor’s in Engineering back in 2003. However, through out my career path, I’ve always gravitated towards more creative and communicative positions that varied from web development and design to instructing computer courses. I’ve always believed that in order to continuously have unique and interesting ideas and concepts, the learning process has to be ongoing. For this reason, I decided to pursue my MFA degree in Advertising, with an Art Direction emphasis.

When it comes to creating my paintings, I tend to be a perfectionist who tries to create both intellectually and visually appealing layouts and designs. One of my greatest passions is creating abstract paintings that express the way I feel at the moment, and that don’t necessarily signify anything tangible. My color themes vary from metallic intense to soft neutral colors, and I love creating a textured look and feel on my paintings by using plaster and acrylic paint on stretched canvas.

Being of mixed origin, being a world traveler and having lived in 5 different counties, I feel that I’ve been lucky enough to gain many perks such as being multilingual, having a bit of an unrecognizable accent that can magically appear in the middle of my sentences, having an overflow of experiences and perspectives, as well as having a deep understanding of different clashing cultures — this usually shows in my work and my tendencies to have a crazy personality.