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Artist: Shalini Advani

Title: Woven
Description: Oil
Media: Painting
Size: 55 x 43
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Phone:650 714-1061

About Shalini Advani

I discovered I could draw and paint when I was sixteen years old. The joy of being able to create something so close to my heart was immeasurable. While I have not formally been to art school, I have been trained in abstract arts and processes through attending workshops hosted by artists including James RF Holdsworth from London and David Kelly from Australia. My art is very personal—it depicts the various phases of my life, things that have touched me, and subjects that mean a lot to me. I particularly enjoy processes because I am intrigued by the innovation that results when mediums interact with each other differently.

Galleries and Major Prizes:


• Terrain - Chosen by jury selection for the Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, California – 2014

Formal Education:

Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics – Mumbai, India
Bachelors in Business & Commerce – June 1989 - May 1992
Sophia College Women’s Studies & Development (Polytechnic)
Textile Design & Screen Printing – May 1992 - June 1993
Boise Community College
Intermediate Drawing - 2001
Pottery – Hand Building & Wheel - 2004