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Artist: Eileen Genevro

Plums & Blueberries Still Life
Title: Plums & Blueberries Still Life
Media: Painting
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About Eileen Genevro

I became an artist by accident. When I was a teenager in Dublin, Ireland, I filled out an application at a local job center. Based on my skills, they sent me to a local business for an interview and paint test. Upon arrival I learned it was an animation studio and I was there to paint cels for feature films — not houses. Over the next 20 years, I became an accomplished animator, working on films such as All Dogs Go to Heaven and Anastasia.

My animation position brought me to Phoenix, AZ and I began oil painting to broaden my drawing skills in real life. In animation the focus was on imaginary characters. In oil painting I wanted to capture real life — so was drawn to portraits, landscapes and still life and other representational work. My love of 17 century masters such as Caravaggio and Honthorst inspired me to paint for two Months at the Florence academy of art, but otherwise I am self taught. Since moving to the Bay Area in 2014 I have been inspired by the beauty, diversity, culture and creativity of Redwood City and the entire Bay Area. I am a decorative painter by day and my work can be seen in restaurants and private residences from Atherton to Napa.