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Artist: Chandrika Marla

What Lies Ahead
Title: What Lies Ahead
Description: Acrylic and pigment on canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 36 x 40
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2019  Showings

wheelchair accessible

May 4 - 5 , Site: 79
4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303


About Chandrika Marla

Chandrika Marla is best known for her use of vibrant color to create paintings of minimal forms that straddle the line between realism and abstraction. Her work explores identity and is inspired by women, their relationships with others, and with their own selves.

Chandrika worked as a fashion designer for several years before she began her career in art. As an artist, she still expresses her ideas through depictions of the female torso. The torso itself represents the fragmented lives that women lead despite their desire to have it all. In her recent canvases, parts of the upper body are likened to undulating landscapes. Breasts loom like hearts that are distorted but triumphant, and shoulders in simple shapes portray the friends that stand by us. Bold colors jolt the viewer to think about the ambiguity of her simple shapes, and relate to them at a personal level. She has always been inspired by Rothko and finds herself dwelling on these words, “We are for flat forms because they destroy illusion and reveal truth."