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Artist: Arup Biswas

Studio: Arup Biswas Photography

Silence in Motion
Title: Silence in Motion
Description: Archival Pigment
Media: Photography
Size: 30 x 20
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Phone: (408) 391-5898

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 449
290 Golden Hills Drive
Portola Valley, CA 94028


About Arup Biswas

The making of these photographs, captured over the course of the last ten years, has been a self-discovery process. It started with the aim of capturing the landscapes, but eventually I realized that it is far more interesting to express our innermost feelings through the landscapes.

Many times I would spend hours in a location before I could “listen” to the landscape. I find landscapes are most expressive in low light and bad weather conditions. Those are the times I find myself busy with my camera trying to capture my “conversations”. To create these photographs I often revisit a location many times until I am happy with the capture.

I love to photograph trees. Each tree has a different character. They are subtle, gentle and of course, living beings. When I am surrounded by them, I feel like coming home. They heal my body, nourish my soul and rejuvenate my spirit.

Once I have a satisfactory capture, the next stage is to print it. This often takes a very long time, sometimes many months, before I come up with a print that can express my visualization of the image.

I capture the images in color, as I believe that color adds a strong emotional dimension to the landscape. At the same time, color can be overused to the extent that it can ruin the overall statement that the image needs to convey. I approach making a photograph similar to a symphony conductor trying to orchestrate different instruments to create a harmonious piece. In the case of my photographs, these elements are line, form, texture, luminosity, color hue and saturation. A successful photograph, in my opinion, is a perfect fusion of these elements.