Artist: Lori Krein

Happy Trees
Title: Happy Trees
Description: painting on silk
Media: Fabric/Wearable Art
Size: 8 x 8
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Phone: (650) 479-1495

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Lori Krein

These silk paintings were inspired by a technique I learned in high school, where I was encouraged to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Being a teenager had its difficulties, but art class was the one place I could just be ME. Being an adult has challenges too, but creating art continues to be a source of joy, allowing me to find peace in a crazy world. I’ve experimented with different mediums over the years, including recycled art, collage, acrylic painting, and string art. I’ve helped others tap into their creativity too... especially those who don’t consider themselves to be creative. Back in 2009, I hosted a “how-to make collage” program on public access TV (now on YouTube). Art brings me so much joy, and helping others experience that joy is even better. My goal is to make people smile when they see my thanks for reading, and I hope to see you at open studios!