Artist: Lacey Bryant

But Where Shall We Sleep?
Title: But Where Shall We Sleep?
Description: oil on panel
Media: Painting
Size: 22 x 18
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Lacey Bryant

Lacey Bryant creates nostalgic scenes with anachronistic elements in messy oil paint. Her paintings present an underlying narrative of shared human experiences such as connection and isolation. Combining elements of classical landscape painting, portraiture and still life in a layered unreality where every disembodied object has sentiment, Lacey operates in the fuzzy logic of dreams and memories. She works from a combination of plein aire, still life, photo references and wistful characters from her imagination. Her aim is to create a dialogue between the viewer and the work, each painting hinting at a story that allows one to insert their own details and personal mythology.
Lacey is represented by Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and Cactus Gallery in Los Angeles. You can view her work at or on IG @laceybryantartist.