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Artist: Raghav Bordia

Title: Maya
Description: Pastel on Paper
Media: Assemblage/Collage
Size: 11 x 9
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Phone:(650) 384-5385

About Raghav Bordia

Drawing has always been my foremost method of expressing my thoughts. I have tried other forms of art, like sculpture and music, but none have come as naturally to me as drawing. Whenever my mind wanders, I find myself wanting to draw what I am thinking about. For this reason, I am usually not without inspiration for a drawing.
As a child, I enjoyed drawing fantastical things, so I liked to think of something as removed from reality as I could and draw it. As an adult, my studies in science and the desire to become a physician have influenced my drawings to become more realistic, although I still haven't lost the fascination for the abstract. I find that I naturally shy away from realism, and try to make my drawings have the mystic quality that I believe is reminiscent of childhood fantasy.