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Artist: Michael Standefer

All That Jazz
Title: All That Jazz
Description: Jazz Album Covers
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 40 x 50 x 7
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Phone: (650) 868-3650

2019  Showings

May 4 - 5 , Site: 50
711 W. California Way
Woodside, CA 94062


May 11 - 12 , Site: 400
135 Summit Road
Woodside, CA 94062


About Michael Standefer

I hope you see the creative process involved with my pieces, an attempt to instill passion for the viewer. I want you to feel the hands-on process- ‘a sculptural touch’- and the labor required to create such a piece. I want you to remark, “I have never seen such an object”, “Where are these objects found”, or “I don’t have the vaguest idea where that came from- other than a dream”… because art is about dreaming.
That makes me happy for I have succeeded in presenting a sculpture that introduces new ideas you had not previously contemplated, or you are mystified about where to find the materials, and maybe more important you want such a piece for your home.
Finally, I want you to struggle with the conceptual language of the artwork, and if I cause you a certain ill-at-ease feeling which makes you pause and hopefully say, “Wow that is really something I never saw before, and further, I wonder where the idea came from”… then I have accomplished a good thing.
I will have involved you in my creative process and hopefully you also enjoy the piece as much as I did making it.
Thank You, Michael Standefer