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Artist: Gina Lin

Listening to Sound of Spring
Title: Listening to Sound of Spring
Media: Painting
Size: 20 x 16
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Contact Gina Lin


Phone: (408) 253-6969

2019  Showings

May 11 - 12 , Site: 244
477 Fremont Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94024


About Gina Lin

Born in a Chinese traditional family in Taiwan, where academic achievement was the best way to judge a child’s merit, I was not granted the opportunity to pursue the dream of becoming an artist, regardless the awards I won at school and International children’s arts competition. The passion for arts in my blood stopped streaming during stages in life busy with college and family. About two years ago, inspired by a friend who posted her painting on Facebook, my passion was aroused and the dream was revived. And as adult, I had developed the appreciation in the richness, depth, and expressions in oil painting, when I picked up the brushes again in 40 years, I switched from water color to oil painting.

Because I did not have the privilege to take arts lessons, I painted mainly by intuition as a child, and I loved doing landscaping. Now that I have the freedom to indulge in the world of paints, I love trying all different subjects, and have been taking lessons from an excellent teacher, Judy Chiu at Sunnyvale Adults School, to polish the skills and learn the techniques that can help me to express the passions and interpretations I have toward life.