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Artist: Ji-Wook Choi

Nita's Bouquet
Title: Nita's Bouquet
Description: Oil Paint
Media: Painting
Size: 28 x 35
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Phone: (714) 788-8315

2019  Showings

wheelchair accessible

May 11 - 12 , Site: 406
542 South Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086


About Ji-Wook Choi

I started painting in 2012 and I haven’t stopped ever since. At that time I was traveling the world and I had arrived in South Korea to visit some relatives. Once there, my family introduced me to a family friend, which happened to be an artist. With her support and guidance, I started oil painting at her small studio every week. During my stay there, I learned a lot about the art world as well as who I am as an artist. Once in America, I wanted to continue unboxing the artist in me. I joined art studios and became part of a community of artists and mentors that still guide me today through my projects. I paint on a weekly basis to explore and improve my skills, but most importantly, to enjoy and have fun doing what I love to do.
The relationship that I have with art is simple. My work is very impromptu since I never do any type of pre-planning before I start working. I just do it without thinking. When I get in “the zone”, I lose track of time and space and I’m lost in the details, which I was told by one of my teachers that it’s one of my greatest strengths. I don’t know many rules or special secrets when it comes to art, I simply jump into my project and I use the colors and strokes that I feel like using at that time. Being in front of a stretched canvas helps me channel my energy. Whether a good or a bad day at work, whatever feelings I might have at that time, they all fit into my final masterpiece like little puzzle pieces.