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Artist: Patricia Appel

Peru Music School
Title: Peru Music School
Description: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Media: Painting
Size: 24 x 30
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Contact Patricia Appel


Phone: (650) 400-3917

2019  Showings

May 18 - 19 , Site: 231
Roundhill Studios Ballet

1043 Garland Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126


About Patricia Appel

I’m thrilled to share my textured, mixed-aquamedia paintings with you. After painting with watercolors for many years, I had this deep desire to explore acrylic media and textures that invites the viewer to look in and discover the story that lies within. It was exciting to experiment with acrylic textures because much of my subject matter involved antiquities - buildings that have been around for centuries - that required a 3D approach. The aged textures in the cities I explored captivated me. I could feel the life in them as well as the stories they contained. So when I began to paint, I wanted the viewer to feel what I felt when I gazed upon these interesting and beautiful sights!

The ability to create textures from acrylic molding, crackle and fiber pastes has been rewarding and has allowed me to capture the beauty of the experiences I’ve had while traveling in South America and Europe. Thanks for letting me share my stories with you!