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Artist: Midori McCabe

Media: Mixed Media
Size: 24 x 24
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About Midori McCabe

Midori has been fascinated by nature’s colors and forms since she was a child.
At home, she learned calligraphy from her mother, a Japanese calligrapher who is an expert of “HIRAGANA”.
Midori thought those forms were also very organic and loved them.
One summer, her mother took her to the studio of a contemporary artist for private lessons.
His atelier was full of abstract paintings and she was excited by those colors and textures; especially sand from the ocean.
Midori felt as if she had entered a wonderful unknown world of creativity.
She also learned to love music; playing the piano and classical vocal training.
All these experiences formed the foundation for a life-long love of color and form.
She has traveled extensively; living in several different countries and exploring the artistic potential of different cultures.
In London, she learned to use brighter colors and she also explored Art jewelry.
She created the brand “Della London” (taking the name of a Kurdish friend) of hand-crafted art jewelry.
On her return from London, she was able to place her jewelry in 7 Tokyo stores.
Since 2009, she has contributed her images to a line of silk scarves (Art Foulard) originating in Napoli, Italy.
Creativity has no borders, and she is always open to new challenges.
Her emotionally charged abstract paintings directly reflect the light and colors of her surroundings.
California weather helps a lot.
In recent years her frequent trips to Venice and Milan have been a major source of inspiration.
She states: “Each unique experience blooms into a story full of rich color and movement on my canvas I create stories inspired by all my journeys”.
She has exhibited her work extensively at art fairs and galleries in Europe, Tokyo and USA,
including a “2 years solo show in Google Headquarters” and in several New York galleries.