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Artist: Jemal Diamond

Studio: thejemalshow

"Keep Hands Inside Ride at All Times" title by Kristin L.
Title: "Keep Hands Inside Ride at All Times" title by Kristin L.
Description: Pencil on Paper
Media: Drawing
Size: 6 x 4
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Phone: (510) 329-7309

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Jemal Diamond

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My drawing style comes from the grand tradition of doodling. The smooth, gentle roll of a pen across the pulpy texture of paper is meditative and soothing. It’s the marks we make in the margins while our focused minds are elsewhere I find most interesting. Most of the work is improvisational, with no intended outcome – only hopeful surprises. Over the years several natural visual motifs developed that I return to again and again, “The Goddess,” “The City,” and the “Map to Heaven.” You’ll find these frameworks at play here, often a mix of two or all three. In the thin line work, there are embedded intentional dichotomies to create a playground of visual cues and possible meanings.

When I was in art school I would take my abstract drawings to my peers and ask, “What would you title this?” That simple question activated their imagination and engagement. When I began posting drawings online with the caption, “#TitleMe,” imaginative, creative, and inspirational titles poured in. I collect them all, and make selections whenever the work is shown.