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Artist: Clayton Moraga

Traveling case for encryption tableware.
Title: Traveling case for encryption tableware.
Description: Cardboard with galvanized steel handle.
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 14 x 9 x 14
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Phone: (408) 806-3648

2020  Showings

Aug 8 - 9 , Site: 172
2100 B2 Walsh Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95050


About Clayton Moraga

My creations are built up in layers. Each surface a coalesced idea that implies a changed interior: An invisible identity maturing through the artist’s hands. Like consciousness woven through an accretion of thought and memory, by looking inward and outward we discover ourselves simultaneous to our constant evolution.

Art decays or is destroyed. Ideas are as persistent as a shadow cast by smoke. I am haunted by the mystery of this ephemeral existence and the excitement of discovery when exploring its depths. And I am discovering by exploration and experiment how the ideas and experience of art can be perpetuated through time.