Artist: Lonnie Zarem

One way through
Title: One way through
Description: Encaustic Monotype on Rice Paper
Media: Mixed Media
Size: 44 x 32
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Phone: (650) 704-2339

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Lonnie Zarem

Artist Statement:
My focus has always been to capture and communicate powerful aspects of our nature which, while often internally experienced, can be observed in quick moments through a simple posture, ones’ demeanor or facial expression. My work intends to capture those moments in an expressive manner through the free flow and spontaneity of encaustic monotype printing, as well as oil painting. The work is not representational but rather an attempt to highlight a “moment” that is recognizable, personal, and invites the viewer to remember some of our more basic or primitive emotions. I aim to bring the viewer in for a moment of “connection” with our nature; the way we interact with each other, other living things, and our integration within structures and environments we have created.

Teaching Philosophy:
As an art instructor, my goal is to provide the tools and materials, techniques, and especially experience and enthusiasm to encourage students to access their personal creativity through fine art. While learning how to work with the encaustic medium and many other complementary media, students learn the formal elements of abstract art-making and share and critique the work along these lines. I teach my students how to look at art, dissect it, and appreciate the techniques, focus, and emotion others bring to their work. Encaustic work is very process-oriented which allows people to work together, share, and appreciate the time and freedom they have in the moments they have chosen to be part of my classes. It is most fulfilling as I watch students find delight when they bring new aspects of themselves to the surface. I work with many artists as well as those reaching for something new. It is a joy!