Artist: Larry Salveson

Sunrise Over Ramparts and Amethyst Lakes, Jasper
Title: Sunrise Over Ramparts and Amethyst Lakes, Jasper
Description: archival limited-edition print
Media: Photography
Size: 14 x 24
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2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Larry Salveson

NOTE: My Open Studios exhibit this year will be set up with a large number of pieces displayed in our outdoor gardens. There will also be some pieces indoors. Please wear a face mask. We have an ample supply of hand sanitizer on hand. Looking forward to seeing everyone! We all need some art in our lives this summer.

Larry enjoys exploring and capturing the beauty in the world. This could be a landscape, a wild animal, the human condition, or an abstract perspective. Art is seeing the inner wonder that is often missed as we pass through life. We are comforted by the familiar but enjoy the adventure of discovery.

Larry’s art includes photos that depict reality to digital paintings that can simplify a message. His archival images can inspire and soothe, or they can bring back memories of places or feelings you have explored yourself.