Artist: Yelena Joy

Illusion of perception
Title: Illusion of perception
Description: Acrylic on Canvas
Media: Painting
Size: 20 x 24 x 2
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Phone: (831) 239-2343

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Yelena Joy

Art is a way of live and celebration of life to me. My artwork is known for its unique ability to express the essence of a subject, intricate and detailed work with emphasis on nature and reflections.

I strip down the layers of conditioning and attempt to reveal the underlying inner light, the subject’s essence. Life reflects life, and reflection is the essence of what I do. I reflect the essence of the subject back to the viewer evoking the silent place inside where we feel most connected, free, and joyous — the god within, if you will.
I love creating and transforming through art. I can see how a blank piece of paper transforms into a new painting or pieces of cloth into a unique quilt. Intuition is a key as I approach each painting with an earnest desire to capture the moment and pour my inner experience and energy onto the canvas. I feel the magic of nature feeding my expression through sun and wind, sound and movement.

Painting is also my way of drinking in life’s gift of freedom. I paint freedom through color, brushwork and composition. In this way, my work is expressive and emotive– an opportunity to reveal the magnificence of life. Whether portrait, landscape or still life, the vibrancy of the life force fascinates and inspires me. I invite that force to lead me, and then the viewer, to discover the full spectrum of life’s colors within.