Artist: Mary Luke

My Body My Choice Period
Title: My Body My Choice Period
Description: Encaustic paints, oil sticks, inks
Media: Painting
Size: 16 x 20
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Phone: (408) 655-4060

2020  Showings

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About Mary Luke

Mary Luke
Art has been of interest to Mary for as far back as she can remember. Encaustic painting and enameling are just two of her artistic loves. Both involve fire and heat; a torch to fuse encaustic paintings or to fabricate jewelry and a kiln to make enameled pieces. The transformation of one thing into another entirely new and exciting thing through the power of fire is exhilarating to her.
Mary has a playful approach to all of her art and tries to capture the wonder of exploration in her work. She believes we all need to remember how to play and to be childlike in our approach to making art: totally immersed in the moment and the process.
Mary regularly has playdates with other like-minded artists and hopes to continue playing around with art for as long as she is able.