Artist: Dhan Warren

Studio: Rabbit Den Studios

100 Years
Title: 100 Years
Description: Ink, Latex Paint on Paper
Media: Printmaking
Size: 7 x 6
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Phone: (510) 535-2150

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Dhan Warren

A teacher of mine once told me, "Attachment to a specific result is self-narrowing".
So when studio space and access to equipment were lost, I took that quote to heart and realized that I'm not just a kiln casting glass artist, even though I had been for many years. I could be that and so much more. Now, instead of carving portraits on glass I screen and block print them on paper. The medium for my craft may have changed but exploring the delicate balance of a portrait’s mystery to the obvious glance is still present in my work. I also make glass marbles out of recycled material and they are amazing! There may not be much inventory to sell come May but this artist's studio will be open for the Silicon Valley Open Studio event and there will be plenty of show-n-tell, coffee and chat.