Artist: Ellen Brook

Madera Skirt on SF Ballet Dancer
Title: Madera Skirt on SF Ballet Dancer
Description: hand-painted on crepe de chine silk
Media: Fabric/Wearable Art
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Phone: (650) 267-1949

2020  Showings

This artist is exhibiting online only

About Ellen Brook

I am a mixed media/fabric artist and fashion designer. Exploring the interplay of delicious color, feel-fabulous fabric, and textures that surprise and delight is my poetry.

On the art side, I paint abstract and mixed media work referencing the philosophies of the East, such as feng shui and wabi sabi, while transporting the ancient discipline of painting on silk into our contemporary experience. My current work explores the search for a meditative energy to navigate our demanding Western urban lives.

On the fashion design side, I create "luxuriously-down-to-earth" apparel and accessories for women and the home. My hope is that each scarf, garment or interior element transforms a simple outfit or space with a single stroke of dramatic color, fresh texture and unexpected design.

My inspirations are everywhere - from the organic patterns of nature, to the diverse textiles of ethnic cultures, to the soft gestures of everyday movements.